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Mommy & Me Training - New Mommy’s have limited time, sleep and need to take care of themselves!Mommy and Me This amazing workout will focus on a full body workout, baby pounds will come off quickly, while training all the muscles that Mommy needs to lift, cradle and carry baby with. In addition, focusing and sculpting those abdominal muscles while spending quality fun time with your little one and becoming one fit Mommy!

I personally have just experienced the joy of having my second child who has just turned 12months old. I know the struggles with weight gain and can empathize with all new mommies, how to balance your workout time with your baby. I created a workout that really maximizes calories, get your cardiovascular training working hard and sculpt that body into a strong, healthy, lean machine! Maybe even better than pre pregnancy. AND, you will derive more ENERGY that you so need in taking care of a baby/toddler! All you need is a stroller, your baby and you will be on the road to a fun, fit, and bonding experience with your baby!