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Fat Burner

Fat Burner: A combination of intense low impact/high impact that will energize you , maximize calorie expenditure and use muscles you never knew you had! Regardless of your fitness levels, weight or experience, this is something you will must try! As all of our workouts will be, this is customized just for you!  We will elevate the heart rate, move that body with some rigorous moves that will leave you yes exhausted ,but exhilarated. We will work together and by losing weight through fat burner, your body mass index will lower , making you leaner and stronger, while your oxygen intake improves, your fitness level advances, your circulation improves making you look and feel great with energy levels that will assist you to exercise for longer periods of time and perform all the way up to athletic levels.

Jump rope: Another amazing way to burn fat and superb for cardiovascular fitness! How long has it been since you have jumped rope? Yes, most children (maybe even you) made it look and feel easy. I can tell you that if you don't jump rope, never have or don't feel like you have the rhythm for it, you will be able to jump rope with a few steps and practice! I will guide you step by step on how to build your rhythm, pace and speed! If you are not comfortable with this jumping, no worries, you don't have to jump at all! We will still incorporate the jump rope without jumps and do an incredible full body workout just with just this piece of equipment!