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Personal Fitness Training

Cindy has really helped to tone my body, guided me on a food plan, and created a total cardio as well as weight program. After 6 months I have noticed a significant change in not only how I look but how I feel. Thank you! -- Susan F.

I've been working with Cindy for more than a year now and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Cindy is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Cindy will lead you every step of the way. - Sophia El Hammeri

Cindy Olaguibel, the CFO of Cindy's Fitness Experience, is passionate and enthusiastic about fitness for her corporate clients. She offers both a 30-minute Yoga and 30-minute Body Sculpting class on-site which makes scheduling convenient and "no-fuss" for the hosting corporation or small business. The exercise sessions are designed to create the right environment for relaxation and greater body flexibility. Her fitness service is, in short, extraordinary!! Thanks Cindy for moving DeVry University South Florida Metro staff toward their "Live Well" goals. - Dr.Mary M. Howrey

I have been working out for many years for a severe injury to my left foot. Never have I felt more strong and been able to walk so much better. Her creativity in designing a program for me including aerobics has made me healthier, stronger, and given me more confidence. Her magic bags of tricks I will take back to Boston and will look forward to next winter with Cindy . Can't believe that her program without machinery has made me improve so much ! I am so fortunate to have Cindy as my personal trainer.- Louise Goldberg

There are no words to describe Cindy's training! She pushes people beyond their physical and mental capabilities. She is an awesome trainer with a great attitude and very reliable and professional. She makes you feel good and very special at the end of the day!! :) - -Maria C

Cindy is an amazing trainer. It's only been a few months, but I am very happy with the training so far. I hadn't worked out in many years(the first session with Cindy, I couldn't do 1 pushup...I was ready to quit). Now, I've been problems with pushups anymore! Each training session is different(different equipment, different exercises). That keeps it interesting...the hour flies by. When I think I can't do anymore, she gives me a little nudge, and I surprise myself with what I'm capable of. I've lost weight and I've built up strength and endurance. My metabolism must be changing, since it's easier to keep the weight off now. As it turns out, training with Cindy has been extremely positive on my health and well being.- Dan B.

"Where do I start? I can't say enough about Cindy - not sure this little box can do the trick.

I first met her back when we worked together at Sheraton Bal Harbour. I was overweight and decided that I wanted a change! Cindy helped me tremendously! She pushed me to be involved in physical activity that I never thought I could do - and I still love and do many of the things she has taught me years later - i.e. spin class (my fav!).

One of the nice things with Cindy is that she actually teaches you exercises, tips, eating habits and tricks that will last a lifetime! Through diet and exercises that she taught me, I lost a significant amount of weight and I have kept it off!

She also became a true friend and mentor and every now and again, when I am feeling a little bored or rusty, I go back to see her for a little motivation once again! Thank you Cindy - you truly changed my life just by being in it!"

Jessica Fradono- HR Director- Starwood Hotels

The alarm goes off at 6:30 AM so I can get up and have my breakfast, one hour before my . . . UGH - workout! We have all been there and dreaded it all the way, but not when you are working out with Cindy!
She is always cheerful and exudes energy no mater what time of day. Her workout routine changes from week to week which always makes it exciting and the best is she works out with you.
I am pleased with my results to date and Cindy always reminds me how much I have improved since the day I started. This is the best I have felt in a long time.
Cindy thanks for your patience. My health and body thank you as well!!!

Wayne Seligman

I have had several trainers throughout the years; however, Cindy has been the only trainer that actually listened to my likes, dislikes, etc. and delivered every time. The most important quality that sets Cindy apart from others is that she cares. She genuinely cares about me, my goals and my obstacles – at times maybe even more than I do. Cindy is flexible (no matter how many times my travel schedule changes), patient (no matter how many times I say “I can’t” and she says “You will!”), and extremely creative (just when you think you have done every possible bicep exercise, Cindy will present you with a new one – no idea how she comes up with this stuff….).

- Patricia Rubirosa

I wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement. Six months ago I could not run a quarter mile. I never thought, not even in my wildest dreams of entering a half marathon, but with your training program and your constant support on Feb 20th I ran and completed my first half marathon. It took a lot of hard work preparing for the race but I had a GREAT TIME and feel I am in the best physical condition of my life. Cindy you are AWESOME!!!!!
Thank you - - Maria Puig

Thank You, Cindy O. for coming out this morning to calculate my jog & help me stay focused in the sun... Finished 3.1miles in 39.40minutes (jog/ power walk) I know come March 19th - I'll be ready for my 1st. 5K that's for all ur support and encouragement!!!
- Elizabeth M Sanchez

To think it all started on a crazy whim w Glenda to run a 1/2 marathon a year ago... I say 'we'll need a trainer' , she says 'I got one for us'. We couldn't have done it without u! 3 1/2 marathons and 2 tris later Ur still my source of inspiration!!! Did I hear Mud Races?!?!?!
Can't wait for our next adventure:)))
- Erika Albertini

Hi...can't believe that even thought I am hundreds of miles away your are still helping me attain my fitness goals! Thanks to you commitment I feel like I have a trainer in NY although you are in Miami! I am on my way fitting into my skinny jeans :)
- Glenda Chorny Rossi

Cindy...I would have never made it through my marathon without you!!!! I have finished my 2nd one and can't thank you enough. You have an amazing energy and you truly care about making people feel better about themselves not only physically but also mentally. Miss you!!!
- Glenda Chorny Rossi

As a physician I've always been so busy taking care of others that I put myself aside - until now... When I made up my mind to start working with a personal trainer I knew I had to use a professional, someone extremely knowledgeable that I could respect. I'm so glad I finally started a workout program with you. I've had back problems ...for years and you had the expertise to design a program that gave me an incredible workout but strengthened my core and back muscles slowly without injury or pain. I don't have back problems any more and feel so much better than I've felt in many years! Your a fabulous trainer and I can't thank you enough. Your workouts are always new, creative, fun and challenging. Thanks Cindy (also known by us as " The Beast")
- Karen Matluck MD

I feel very fortunate for having found Cindy. I was in search of a work-out regimen that I would stay committed to in order to look my absolute best after having my baby. Cindy has done a fabulous job. Not only has she created a personalized routine for me, but her encouragement, praise and humor create an atmosphere that motivates you to push yourself to the maximum extent possible. I have worked with many trainers in the past; there is no trainer like Cindy!!
- Ninoska McMahan

This Week's Training! you thought you did it all to get ready for San Juan half ironman on March 19th: 100+ mile bike rides, 6 mile swims, 20+ mile runs, abs, core, yoga, TRX training (this is weekly by the way) name it....and now she made me run 6 miles with an 8 pounds ball in my kidding!! the only way i am not finishing this half ironman is by missing my flight to San Juan...Cindy you are amazing and definitely creative!! 4 weeks to go....oh did i mention she is making me run another half marathon this sunday (A1A Fort Lauderdale) after running in Miami before that...yes i am still alive and feeling great!!
- Maria Cristina Corluka

I could not have done it without your support...
you are the best!! Ironman San Juan March 19th Done! :)
- Maria Cristina Corluka

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you so very much for going out of your way to get me the pedals. They made my spinning experience so very different. I truly felt connected and one with the bike - what a difference!!!.....Thank you, as always, for an excellent class today. I have felt so well all day today, and I have you to thank for it. I also had a very good yoga class today - very relaxing - I think it had to do with the fact that I felt so transported in your spinning class today - the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing carried over.
- Nick Lutfi